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Blanari M1

Architects: Andra Bica

Location: Bucharest

Area: 30 sqm

Year: 2020

Located in the old city center, the apartments appeared as a result of the two-story extension of a historic building. My client leased them to start a short-term rental business. He wanted to obtain - with minimal investment and in the shortest possible time - some modern and functional spaces where tourists would get a home feel, abroad.

Thus, we chose a boho-chic style, suitable in a rental space, because it expresses the nonchalance and spontaneous joy of the holidays. The decor is relaxed, without rigor, combining natural materials and ethnic motifs.

To fit into the small budget, we went for different DIY elements, such as a series of handmade string decorations, which were in fact the key element of the design. As a functional role, we chose them to visually delimit different areas. Combining them with other types of textiles, we created a calming and bohemian effect.

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