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CB Apartment

Project: Andra Bica

Location: Bucharest

Area: 45 sqm

Year: 2023

Designed as a venture for short-term leasing, this communist-era apartment, situated in the center of Bucharest, has undergone a thorough renovation.


The interior design, a melange of sinuous shapes and textures, follows two major themes that have become a signature of Kanso interior design studio: the motif of arches and the juxtaposition of graphic elements.


The theme of arches is repeated in creative ways: all the entrances to the rooms, the furniture elements and the various details. The graphic forms are counterpointed by organic elements, and materials such as marble and veneer.


The project aimed to bring a scenic dimension, with carefully calculated perspectives and angles. Right from the entrance, the successive frames are created through the range of colours. The hall is the lightest space, the living room is darker, and the kitchen, on the last frame, is the darkest area.

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