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CB Apartment

Project: Andra Bica, Daniela Hurezeanu

Location: Bucharest

Area: 60 sqm

Year: 2022

This vintage apartment in the Old Cotroceni neighbourhood literally breathes art: one of our endeavours was to act as curators for the precious family art. The owner’s collection encompasses over 200 works of art, signed by Romanian artists: Ștefan Câlția, Gelu Mureșan, Viorel Dan Toma, Constantin Răducan etc. They were gathered by Anca’s aunt, Eugenia Dumitrașcu, a Romanian painter and graphic artist.

Before anything, we carefully LISTENED to the story of the place, to be able to redeem it. The renovation process revealed several vintage details that we decided to keep: Venetian terrazzo, previously covered by ceramic tiles, wooden carpentry and several pieces of furniture or décor.

There is always something playful about the way we approach a project. The hallway is conceived as an initiation to the extremely personal artistic journey of this home. We exhibited here the jolliest pieces and created a black-squared background that pushes creative limits.

In the living room, the carpet’s geometric pattern connects with the artistic paraphernalia of the room.

The kitchen is a declaration of love to curved lines: we adore the way they soften any decor. Their graceful presence creates room for the rest of the elements, including carefully placed art objects. This room benefits from abundant natural light throughout the day: the brass finish reflects it and adds a nostalgic dimension to the overall atmosphere. With the same purpose, we used an old suspension light (from the owner’s childhood) above the dining table.

The bedroom’s aesthetic is based on a geometric language as well. Smooth curves, delicate chromatic and soft textures build a space where the world has the fabric of dreams.

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